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dc.contributorWitten, Michael Thomas
dc.contributor.advisorWITTEN, MICHAEL THOMAS; 250791
dc.contributor.authorRosales Enríquez, Daydree
dc.description.abstract"These days technological tools are being used in the teaching process more frequently and they create a widely different learning environment which offer web-enhanced instruction via internet based resources and systems. The first aim of this research is to analyze learners’ perceptions/attitudes toward the use of technological tools that might help them regarding their skills to communicate more efficiently. Another aspect this study attempts to analyze is the English language learning development through technological materials and learning units. The study attempts to explore issues related to the investigation’s research questions through a qualitative approach in which the participants’ expectations and perceptions toward the use of technology within the EFL classroom contrasted with their experiences within it, will be explored through systematic data collection which involves a qualitative survey, self-reports from learners participants. After the analysis of the study I could realize that the participants’ perceptions are mainly positive in the sense that the learners find the use of the technology tools not only fun or easy to use, but they are aware of the implications of using apps, social networks and web platforms that can offer them different benefits to their different needs and to encourage them to practice more often every time they are not inside an English class. The results of this study show that a possible implication could be that by means of implementing apps and social networks among other online tools in the syllabus or even in the curriculum, it might assist learners’ performance inside the classroom and their academic progress and results would be higher"
dc.publisherBenemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
dc.subject.classificationHumanidades y Ciencias de la Conducta
dc.subject.lccTecnología educativa
dc.subject.lccAdquisición de segunda lengua
dc.subject.lccInglés--Estudio y enseñanza
dc.titleEnglish language learners’ perceptions toward the use of apps and social netwoks in an english class within a Mexican public university
dc.thesis.degreedisciplineÁrea de Educación y Humanidades
dc.thesis.degreegrantorFacultad de Lenguas
dc.thesis.careerMaestría en la Enseñanza del Inglés
dc.subject.dbgunamEducación--Efectos de las innovaciones tecnológicas
dc.subject.dbgunamComunicación en la educación

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