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dc.contributorWitten, Michael Thomas
dc.contributor.advisorWITTEN, MICHAEL THOMAS; 250791
dc.contributor.authorBlanco Barroso, Andrea
dc.creatorBLANCO BARROSO, ANDREA; 691132
dc.description.abstractThis M.A. thesis proposes to analyze the political discourse of the multimodal texts that the two major political parties involved in the 2016 Puebla gubernatorial election produced and extensively distributed through the medium of billboards in a statewide election. The thesis is part of a larger study which investigates how political parties express their particular ideologies, construct social identities and construct power relations through the medium of billboards in a nationwide political campaign (Witten, Castineira and Flores, 2013). The study intends to examine the role that billboards play in the construction and dissemination of political propaganda in Mexican state-wide politics and provide a discussion of how social actors make use of these multimodal texts. In order to accomplish these goals, the investigation performs a multimodal discourse analysis on a series of photographs of the gubernatorial billboards that were collected during the campaign period from april 3rd to June 5th, 2016. Multimodal discourse analysis refers to a type of analysis that goes beyond the linguistic elements of a text and considers additional modes being employed such as visual images, color, page layout, sound effects and more (Kress & van Leuween, 2001; 2006). Because this investigation analyzes texts that are highly multimodal in nature, multimodality and multimodal analysis are important tools in exploring how text producers achieve their goals in disseminating political discourses.
dc.publisherBenemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
dc.subject.classificationHumanidades y Ciencias de la Conducta
dc.subject.lccAnálisis del discurso--Aspectos políticos--México--Puebla
dc.subject.lccComunicación en la política--México--Puebla
dc.titleA multimodal analysis of political billboards in the poblano context: the textualization of state politics in central Mexico
dc.thesis.degreedisciplineÁrea de Educación y Humanidades
dc.thesis.degreegrantorFacultad de Lenguas
dc.thesis.careerMaestría en Enseñanza del Inglés
dc.subject.dbgunamElecciones--Estado de Puebla

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