The usefulness of the activities used in the Multimedia Resources Center of the “Emiliano Zapata” preparatory school

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“English has been in widespread use around the world for well over a century, starting with the days of the British Empire, and continuing as the United States became a political and cultural superpower. With the recent increased velocity of globalization, and the resulting profound changes in the kinds of connections that exist between nations and people in different parts of the world, English has become even more of a world language. Most of the scientific, technological and academic information in the world is expressed in English and over 80% of all the information stored in electronic recovery systems is in English (Vialingua, 2012).Thus, English has become the main means of communication around the world, that is, a Lingua Franca. Therefore, in Mexico, English as a foreign language has become an obligatory subject of the system of public education. There is a great social demand for children to learn a foreign language since the most basic levels, such as pre-school or primary school. As a consequence, since 2009, the Secretariat of Public Education (SPE) in Mexico created a program called National English Program in Basic Education.”
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