Pronunciation challenges in english language faced by target language 5 students at LEI-BUAP

“This research paper is focused on to determine and describe the main challenges that students at an advanced level on Target Language subject, in this case, Target Language 5 (TL5), facedeveloping pronunciation skill at Licenciatura en la Enseñanza del Inglés (LEI) in Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). It is necessary to take into account the context of the research in an international, national and local field, some organizations such as UNESCO, CEFR, ANUIES, SEP, and the MUM program are considered. Moreover, to have a determination of challenges in pronunciation, it is essential regarding some aspects of second language acquisition theories since behaviourism to constructivism, from these emerge some other elements such as communicative approach. In the development of pronunciation are also included the four primary skills in L2, reading, writing and speaking; all of these topics are developed since the communicative approach perspective to give coherence and guidance to this research. In the part of pronunciation, some compatible features consider as possible challengesin the development of this skill are studied”.
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