Improving EFL listening comprehension and vocabulary learning in 1st graders through ‘get dressed for the day’ audiovisual material in a private primary school in Puebla-Mexico

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"English is a language which is spoken all over the world, teachers and students are concerned about English as an academic subject where it is possible to learn or acquire. There are several factors which concern English Language Teaching in Mexico (ELT) such as public education, private education, curriculum, programs implementation, materials and so on. Particularly, this study is focused on the use of materials in the (EFL) classroom, specifically using the video song ‘Get dressed for the day’ which is set as a material proposal of this quasi- experimental inquiry in a private primary school in central Mexico. This study provides information about participants’ improvement of listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition regarding clothes and weather through the use of the audiovisual material proposal. In addition, pre-test, post-test, and a survey are the research instruments applied to know participants' opinions and suggestions about suggested material".
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