Relación de perturbación perturbación en mecánica cuántica (Disturbance-disturbance relation in quantum mechanics)

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Physics is a science that has had an extraordinary development through the centuries and decades. The knowledge about nature has increased thanks to the investigation and experimentation in particle, statistical, optical, and quantum physics. All this kwnowledge needs to convey to new generations of physicists in an acceptable form, thus, the importance of teaching physics should be a main topic into our academic routine. In particular, quantum mechanics is somewhat rough for theaching. Many bad habits in teaching have affected the general understanding of this area and has effects such as a general misunderstanding of many main topics like the uncertainty principle and the measurement in quantum mechanics. A very important example of these misunderstandings is the Stern-Gerlach experiment (SGE). In many textbooks the SGE is studied in a semiclassical manner. This gives a wrong idea about what is the meaning of the SGE and the way that we understand it. In a recent work we studied the SGE by means of a complete quantum analysis. In particular, we found that the SGE is a creator of entangled states with an easy treatment (simply employing the general solution of the Schrodinger equation), a result that is not unknown to the quantum physics community, but which is not mentioned on usually textbooks."
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