A nethnographic analysis of an online Mexican english teachers community

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
“As new technology is emerging, students are in contact with the changes, and they try to adapt them to the way they learn. For that reason, teachers need to find interesting content and activities where they implement the use of technology. Some teachers try to ask questions with their peers, and some others have found virtual communities where they ask and share tips, material, or activities. This study will be focused on netnography. This netnography research thesis aims to analyze an online community of Mexican English teachers. It has the purpose of exploring the values, interactions, and participation of the English teachers in that specific Facebook virtual community. As well as the benefits teachers have to join this type of sharing community, and if it is related to their teaching beliefs and practice. It also analyses the social impact that the virtual community provides to the members and how virtual reality impacts the teaching practice of the members of this online community”.
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