A Case study of a private higher education institution’s promotional discourse in Puebla: A multimodal analysis

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“UDLAP makes use of different and interesting resources that are multimodally textualized to express an institutional identity and to convey its ideology. Some of these resources are considered knowledge-based as in figure 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and 4.2.1. On these billboards they use representatives of common professions such as an architect, of different areas of study like Science and Art or they even represent the new technology era by showing the use of multimedia classrooms and technological devices. The resources also reflect how UDLAP conceptualizes knowledge, its acquisition and transmission and the imminent use of technology inside the classroom today to promote autonomous learning, a different students-teacher relation and at the same time they reflect the social construction of knowledge. In addition, there is use of cultural resources. For instance, one of their most striking billboard was the one in which candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear (Figure 4.5.1). By using this cultural/political token the institution shows a sort of social concern regarding the implications for Mexico either Trump or Hillary won the elections. Some other cultural resources are seen in Figure 4.3.1. Although difficult to recognize, some colonial-like buildings are presented. We believe that they represent part of the history of Puebla.”