Improving public high school students’ reading aloud and writing through the use of internet scientific articles

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"The present research focuses mainly on Mexican students. When talking about Mexican students/people, it can be said that they do not usually read or write in Spanish, and this is a problem that comes from generation to generation. Gregorio Hernández Zamora (2012) argues that rather than suffering from limited literacy skills, former colonized and enslaved people face a systematic lack of freedom to speak, act, and make decisions about their own lives (cited in Jewett et al, 2012). This means that a person who reads without writing (without questioning, comparing versions, explaining…) tends to understand nothing, even if that person reads classical books or classical authors. Even though this study focuses on reading and writing in English, reading and writing in Spanish is considered as a predecessor of a second language skills development, as it is known that reading and writing habits in the modern tongue influence second language learning. Students usually write and read as they think it is the way to do it; therefore, this research explores High school students‘ reading aloud and writing in English through the use of internet scientific articles."
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