A critical examination of the imperialist discourse “English as a necessity for success” and its (re)production in the Mexican context

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"This thesis aims to critically explore the type of discourses that have become prevalent in convincing non-native speakers of English into believing that this language is a gateway requirement for economic and social prosperity in postmodern Mexico. This research also aims to examine how English as a Foreign Language learners in Mexico report the role that the ideological tenets of these discourses have played in their lives as non-native speakers who need English to attain certain professional and social goals to achieve “success”. The critical analysis of the language policy discourse uncovered some interesting patterns employed by the policymakers to devise the policy and inculcate English as foreign language implementation in the Mexican educational system, i.e., English as a necessity for better employment opportunities, international communication, business, social mobility, and equality and inclusiveness. Subsequently, English language learners were interviewed to explore the extent to which they reproduce the discourses of ‘English as a necessity for success’ and to what extent they confirm the ‘validity’ of the discourses uncovered on the Mexican national language policy. The interviews analysis revealed that the discourses generate different expectations that might open the door for some yet become quite problematic for most".
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