Raising a novice teacher´s body language through the rassias method

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“Teaching english as a second language encompasses aspects that may help to maximize students’ engagement and their potential to learn. In order to meet students’ needs it may be necessary to incorporate considerations such as techniques, lesson organization, supporting materials and classroom management. But what the language teacher transmits with his /her body is fundamental; especially when students are indeed profoundly affected by what they see, hear and feel (Brown, 1994). Thus, it is important to consider nonverbal communication when teaching a second language. Body language is a fundamental skill for teachers because it plays an important role in a second language communicative competence (Gregersen, 2007). The use of body language transmits a message that is absolutely necessary in a classroom. To communicate a complete message, it is necessary to incorporate body movements and expressions. Teacher and students have to live the essences of the class; the key is the stage presence (Rassias, 2000) which is not difficult to explain, teacher and students should feel the class as physically and emotionally as possible because as Rassias said “language is reality, and reality means engagement”.
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