A classroom research with five year olds using visual materials

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“The aim of this research is to evaluate the use of adapted materials to develop the speaking skills with 3rd graders. This research was carried out by using a qualitative approach. It was completed through five classes and observations in order to realize what was the impact that visual materials had on third graders and if the use of materials foster children to speak. This research was carried out in a public school named “Estancia infaltil y preescolar Margarita Torres”. Five lesson plans were applied, containing the materials that we intended to adapt, and the observations based on field notes in order to evaluate in detail what the students’ reactions were. Based on the observations and the lesson plans, materials had a meaningful impact on children learning, students were able to use vocabulary words to produce the language and say complete sentences. The results were produced by the motivation obtained through the adaptation of visual material and the way that we developed these materials for several activities and topics. Students reacted positively at the moment of presenting the materials; even when the materials were already used for other activities. This project can be a reference for students, teachers and further researchers.”
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