The conversation workshop: a tool to practice SL Oral production

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"This thesis reports on a qualitative study concerning the conversation workshop as a tool to practice SL oral production. This study was carried out at a public university in a faculty of modern languages, which has a conversation workshop for SL learners. The primary objectives of this study were to investigate what motivates students to attend the conversation workshop, analyze students’ behavior in an autonomous environment as well as to analyze the features that make the conversation workshop a good alternative to practice the oral production. The research data was collect via observations and interviews that were applied to five students who attended the conversation workshop and that had different language levels. The research findings reveal that students that had attended the workshop had several personal and linguistic changes. In some cases, they became more confident when participating or speaking in front an audience. Others gained more vocabulary even they became more fluent. It was also found that students who attended the conversation workshop were more skilled to work in an autonomous environment and make decisions about their learning development".
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