The influence of culture on bilingual English language teacher’s identity reconstruction: An Appraisal Analysis

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"The present qualitative case study aims to investigate three main purposes. First, to explore bilingual English teachers’ (henceforth BET) adaptation from being immersed in a foreign language (L2) environment and then, going back to the first language (L1) context. Second, to identify the social factors involved in the reconstruction of their cultural identity. Finally, this research seeks to determine how culture in general has influenced bilingual English teacher in the reconstruction of such identity. In order to gather data, two instruments were applied: narratives and interviews. Both instruments will be examined through the attitude framework that focuses on the feelings constructed in the texts of the Appraisal System (Martin and White, 2005). The results have shown that BETs experienced their adoption and adaptation process into the foreign culture mainly positively rather than negatively. In addition, one of the main factors that had increased exposure to different cultures is international migration. The impact has brought many changes in people’s life, economic development, communication and identities formation. Factors that have affected BETs’ cultural identity reconstruction were discrimination, school system, transportation system, and being immersed in a different context with no previous background knowledge."
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