Mexican graduate and undergraduate students´ attitudes and perceptions towards the issue of nativeness in ELT

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Voltaire once said: “with great power comes great responsibility.” There might be a slight confusion how voltaire’s original concept could be connected in any way to our field of ELT. English has become a powerful language, a language with high privilege. Once in a while there is a need to remember that people who do not speak English as their mother tongue do not have to play a secondary role in this idealized language, language is there for people’s usage. While English grows every day as a main means of communication among people, its wide usage as an international language brings to surface different issues as well: English and its ‘original’ national identity, World Englishes, ownership, and the issue of nativeness among others. Some people still like to think of English as a once used and taught standard English, but there is need to rethink our global understanding of this language. English is no longer used only within its original boundaries; every day more and more people use it, and therefore it goes through unquestionable transformation."
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