Improving reading skill on students of starter level using the learning A-Z Platform

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"The use of the technology to learn and develop a second language nowadays is very necessary to complement the learning process. This is because in the communication era the management of the electronic devices is part of our daily life due to the fact that those devices make our life easier and comfortable. One of the most important devices that teachers are using for educational purposes are personal computers in which we can surf on internet and use different platforms designed to improve a foreign language through many different activities and games. It is very common to see a language learner practicing his or her listening through songs, speaking through scholar conversations, and writing through book’s activities, but no many students practice their reading because the majority tend to underestimate this skill. This project is focused on the development of the reading skill by using electronic resources such as a specific English training platform called “Learning A-Z”. I consider that it is essential to have significant reorientations in the development of this skill by using these new technologies because the new generations are growing very rapidly and we need to give them adequate tools to improve their reading abilities."
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