An exploration of the impact of “Peer Mentoring” program on mentees’ achievements in a BA program in ELT. A case study

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Adapting to a new educational level can be challenging for some students, especially those who experience "low achievement"; This research observes the learning process of some first-year students who voluntarily look to improve their target language skills through a program named 'Peer Mentoring'. Students take part in an undergraduate program in English Language Teaching (ELT) where the target language is essential and where the "Peer Mentoring" program supports them in their learning process. This inquiry also reports the impact of the "Peer Mentoring" program on the Mentees' academic and social-behavioural skills performance to improve their achievements. This study follows a mixed approach to collect data from different sources that allow us to determine the impact of the peer mentoring program on students' accomplishments and their views about the program. The instruments used to carry out this research were mixed, which means quantitative and qualitative analysis; the data collection was through a semi-structured interview to provide qualitative data about the attitudes, opinions and values given by the mentees and a quantitative technique applied through Likert scales. Finally, some checklists support the determination observed during the inquiry to describe mentees' socialbehavioural skills and achievements during the "Peer Mentoring" program".
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