Benefits of videogames as a digital tool to learn english: A case study at a public university

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"The objective of this study was to know what English language skills students from a university can develop by using certain video game genres and what actions they did took in order to learn with them. This study was carried out at a language department of a public university in Mexico. The participants were EFL students from different departments of the university. The instruments were administered to people who believed that English language skills can be improved by playing video games. It was a mixed-method research and the instruments I used to collect data were a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview. The results revealed that some participants were comfortable playing online and speaking with unknown people at first. Others just communicated by writing. In both cases they stated they believed they had mainly improved their speaking and writing skills respectively. More results are and implications are described within this thesis."
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