Developing learners’ communicative competence through continuous oral and listening assessment for high-stake tests using web sources

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Due to the lack of established programs to achieve the objectives to obtain a high-staketest, the need of designing a test preparation program is essential and important. Theproficiency competence needs to be developed according to standards, thus, in the presentproject, a training course was designed in which the main objectives were to identify thekey outcomes which can promote motivation and confidence through continuousassessment by using communicative approach and web sources, to obtain and guaranteegood performance during a high-stake test or certification. The group was integrated of 6learners who were taking part of a six-months program. They had an upper intermediatelevel and needed to support formally their knowledge by a formal B1/B2 level, obtaining83% of good achievement in final results according to the learners’ profile and CEFR."
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