Influence of the experiences that motivated participants to learn English language (a case study)

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“This research focuses on the motivating factors which influenced participants to learn a foreign language. As it is widely believed being motivated to learn is one of the key factors which determine whether or not a learning process will be successful. Rather than blindly follow the textbooks and curriculum and push foreign language upon learners, a teacher should know what the students' interests are and why they decided to learn a foreign language. Of course, knowledge about students' desires and needs should always be important for teachers because learning a second language might be for a student an incomparable, enriching and/or a rewarding experience, but in contrast it can also be an unbelievable stressful experience, the opposite of what is intended. Then, the work of Larsen–Freeman and Long (1991) is important in order for “Teachers to pay particular attention on motivation and use of their knowledge about student's attitudes towards their English learning interests. It is essential to know which factors provoked students’ desire for learning English language. According to Jossey-Bass, “motivation is a conceptual framework for analyzing the interaction between learning processes and environment, "referring to it as “a concrete thing in which you set into motion the steps in order to obtain language."
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