Efectos y análisis de contingencias ante tormentas solares intensas en la Red Eléctrica Nacional, utilizando resultados obtenidos por simuladores de GIC ́S y flujos de potencia para su implementación en sesiones de entrenamiento para operadores del Centro Nacional de Control de Energía

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“The main objetive of the present thesis work is to disseminate and sensitize to the national electrical system operators, analysts and executive leaders about the impact of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC ́s) on the national electrical system (NES) through training sessions where they can be sensitized and act accordingly to the evolution of a severe solar event and at the same time been aware of the posible damage to equipment and its consequences in the medium and long term. In Mexico various works have emerged regarding this issue. Chapter 1 addresses the theoretical issues that support the approach. A brief review of the intense geomagnetic storms that have historically caused damage to other electrical power systems. Chapter 2 discusses the fundamentals of space weather and the instances that regulate the information obtained from the observatories. Chapter 3 establishes the relationship between space weather phenomena and electrical power systems. Chapter 4 mentions the actions that were carried out in the Hydro-Quebec electrical system after the 1989 storm. Chapter 5 describes how the session was defined to disseminate the impact of geomagnetic currents on the national electrical system. Comments are made re“garding the conclusions obtained, as well as recommendations for future works.”
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