Comparing English language learners’ beliefs about two faculties at a public university: exploratory practice

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"This study was inspired after observing the differences between English learners oftwo different faculties at a public university. These differences seem to have relation to thelearners‟ performance towards learning a foreign language. The participants were studentsfrom two different faculties at a public university. The participants were native speakers ofSpanish taking English classes as part of their curriculum. Drawing on questionnaire datathe study explored the opinions of two groups of students and the teachers teaching to thosegroups. The study aimed to know the participants‟ beliefs associated to their learningprocess and how these beliefs affected the atmosphere in the classroom. The results showedthat there is a relationship between the learning and teaching processes. Also there is atheoretical explanation about teachers‟ and learners‟ beliefs on how learning is affected byeverything that is done into the classroom and explores how beliefs can affect suchprocesses. The findings revealed that the students´ profile, this is the fact that the studentswere from the faculty of Medicine or from the faculty of Psychology, strongly influencedtheir performance and beliefs about learning English, in the same vein, the teachers´ werealso influenced by their students´ beliefs and behavior about learning a foreign language.Overall the study showed that language teachers, need to adapt their teaching to the profileand particular features of the students from the various faculties across the university."
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