A multimodal analysis of political billboards in the poblano context: The textualization of state politics in central Mexico

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“With this investigation, we have contributed to the field of multimodal, multisemiotic discourse analysis by addressing billboards in a gubernatorial campaign in central mexico which has not been explored before. We have carried out this study based on the little investigations focused on multimodal, multisemiotic discourse analysis regarding billboards in political campains done before combining analytical frameworks in order to explore the multimodal nature of this type propaganda in political discourse. We have demonstrated this study has been carried out combining analytical frameworks. We have explored this study by using the three-dimensional framework provided by of Fairclough’s (1992a, 1995). We have demonstrated that in order to describe and interpret billboards using Fairclough’s (1992a, 1995), it is also necessary to analyze sociopolitical context in which political actors use multimodal discourse in billboards.”