Interlanguage pragmatics: the LEI-BUAP students' pragmatic competence employed when calling the speech act of refusal

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"The present research paper, following a case study with a qualitative approach and a cross-sectional design,aims to explain and compare why native and non-native English speakers use certain refusalstrategies when calling the speech act of refusal in real-life situations, by administering a Multimedia Elicitation Task (MET). Under these circumstances, a discourse analysis is employed to verify if the students from the “Licenciatura en la Enseñanza del Inglés” at BUAP (LEI-BUAP) are developing their pragmatic competence enough to use effective and appropriate refusalstrategies in real-life contexts.Particularly, data was analyzed on 1) the frequency of semantic formulas, 2) the syntactic characteristics of the responses, 3) the number of words used to respond, 4) the correlation between language proficiency level and responses made. All of this so as to find out if LEI-BUAP students resorted to pragmatic competence to convey meaning."
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