A case study on gender and writing in an elementary school: writing for a gender-specific audience

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“This thesis reports on a case study on gender and writing by comparing and analyzing stories written by six-year-old children focus on a specific audience. The study was carried out by taking advantage of an interest in gender research. Its primary aim was to identify how girls and boys try to accomplish the female and male reading necessities when becoming writers and trying to write stories for them and what characteristic these stories exhibit. Moreover, the study subject was to see if the process of gender skewing would feature in the stories and how gender roles influence them with their decisions about what to include on them. The research findings revealed that it was clear from the discussion with the children and their written stories that the majority of the children had clear ideas about what sort of stories girls and boys find interesting. They all seemed keen to demonstrate their awareness of gender roles to others.Children need to know that they conform to the roles assigned them and boys, in particular, do not like to be associated with anything they consider to be feminine, nevertheless, girls tend to think that equality must be present in their stories.”
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