Exploring the academic and non-academic factors that determine English language teachers’ practices: the case of two campuses at a public university

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"The purpose of this qualitative case study was to research EFL teachers’ perceptions about the academic and non-academic factors they have encountered during their teaching practice at two regional campuses. Firstly, this case study analyzes the EFL teachers’ perceptions on the academic factors regarding pedagogical knowledge, ELT training, technology in the language classroom, materials, syllabus, students’ motivation, rapport, class size and mixed-ability language classroom. Secondly, this research also explores EFL teachers’ non-academic factors in relation to EFL instructors’ work conditions, EFL instructors’ workload, relationship with colleagues and administrators, EFL instructors’ commuting time, facilities and classroom conditions, teacher autonomy and personal issues. The participants of this case study are six EFL instructors who have been teaching English in different faculties at two campuses located in northeast and southeast Puebla. As part of the methodology, two instruments were administered to the contestants, a narrative and a semi-structured interview. This study has contributed to identify some of the main factors EFL instructors face in their teaching practice in regional contexts. Similarly, this account could be a relevant source of information for implementing or improving the conditions highlighted by the participants".
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