Emergency remote teaching: teachers’ perceptions on challenges and contributions to professional development

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Therefore, this study, which takes place at the Faculty of Languages at BUAP, intends to get insights on the challenges and contributions presented by this long ERT period, the institutional actions undertaken to overcome it, and the perceived institutional readiness for future emergency scenarios. For its realization, a sequential mixed method was used, in order to obtain quantifying and explanatory results. The quantitative data was obtained through a questionnaire applied to teachers of the bachelors’ programs of the faculty, and the qualitative data was collected via interviews to the administrators of the faculty. Results showed that, while ERT presented many challenges for the institution and all its stakeholders, as reported in previous literature, it also brought many contributions to the development of the institution and teachers’ professional development. In addition, institutional response during the emergency, in general, has been perceived as adequate. Finally, many indicators of institutional readiness have been observed, and the general perception of participants is that the institution is technologically and infrastructurally ready to face future emergencies".
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