Accented speech and its influence on LEI students' listening comprehension

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
“To figure out whether an accented speech might refrain EFL students’ listening comprehension from understanding, a group of Mexican Students at the Faculty of Languages in Puebla Mexico has been observed during their English lessons provided by a native English teacher. The implementation of the observational method and its instruments have helped to understand the responses that LEI students had when their listening skills were exposed to an accented speech. Thus, the use of the checklist provides guidance during the observations to collect students' behaviours toward the accented speech; the online surveys are designed to find out whether LEI students' self-perceived accented speech is positive or negative, and whether it enhances or reduces their listening comprehension, nonetheless the focus group is the element that supports the conclusion of this project, in which the researcher describes the main difficulties encountered when facing an accented speech, as well as a wide range of positive characteristics that help LEI students to overcome language barriers”.
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