Researching preservice teachers´ perceptions about remote acculturation in their ELT formation: levels and strategies

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"The research focuses on quantitatively measure the overall levels of remote acculturation (RA). On the one hand, the first part of the online survey (ARSMA II) aims to collect data about the four strategies that people apply when facing another culture (C2), that is: assimilation, integration, separation and marginalization. On the other hand, a sub section of the survey (Malinchismo rating Scale for Use Among Adolescents) will confirm the levels of remote acculturation due to the fact that ARSMA II only ranks acculturation levels (not RA). Some research suggests that integration is the most frequent strategy applied by people when encountering a C2 (maintaining the cultural heritage while seeking to incorporate new cultural elements of the C2) and that one of the most difficult strategies to find is assimilation (rejecting the one’s cultural heritage (C1) while completely embracing the C2). Although this research will base some results on numerical levels of RA, it also focuses on seeking participants who apply the assimilation strategy and quantitatively analyze the phenomenon of RA. If these participants are not found, then participants who apply the integration strategy will be interviewed due to the fact that these type of participants are people who can be called remote bicultural".
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