Awareness of proficiency and effective learning strategies among students of the BA in ELT

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"This research is intended to understand the development of learning strategies in students of the BA in ELT as a result of the learners’ awareness of communicative and linguistic weaknesses and strengths, opportunities to use the language, evaluation criteria and the certification. This is a qualitative study as it enables the researcher's closeness to reality and proximity to the phenomenon to be studied. In tune, Phenomenology was the method chosen to accomplish the purpose of understanding aspects that could prevent LLS development in students of the BA in ELT. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA), an experiential-qualitative, inductive method was used to analyze the collected data. The results show that current educational conditions within the program scarcely promote learning to learn and students become dependent on the teacher, which in turn, affects language proficiency. Learners’ awareness, success criteria as well as their voluntary involvement in individual actions affect the development of high proficiency levels and the accomplishment of certification, which therefore may have a great impact on curricular and professional accomplishments.”
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