A comparison of second language acquisition perceptions in an immersion context as opposed to a foreign context

“This investigation seeks to highlight a central feature of the process of English learning, namely, the context where learning takes place. From my personal experience and that classmates and friends have shared with me about learning English language, some problems of understanding are present as well as different issues in speaking, writing, listening or reading skills in specific contexts. These issues led me to wonder if students that have learnt English in an immersed context, as immigrants that live in the USA, present similar issues or problems when acquiring the English language. And, if they share the same motivations that university students have. The context where learning takes place seems to be determinant in the success of} learning. Some university students present issues regarding their English proficiency and cannot speak in an efficient way but also those students who live in the U.S. A. Therefore, the question remains; is it better learning English as a foreign or as a second language? Generally, it is thought that students that have lived in the U.S.A. have better opportunities to find better jobs or better opportunities as well as acquiring the language in a better way since they are in constant interaction with native speakers and the environment”.
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