Study on the effectiveness of extensive reading approach to enhance reading comprehension by CFL students

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"Extensive reading is an approach to reading instruction whose objective is to develop reading comprehension and fluency in a free, friendly, and motivating environment (Tudor and Hafiz, 2005; Day and Bamford, 1998; Nation & Waring, 2020). It has been used to teach and encourage learning of foreign languages by students around the world. Many researchers have pointed out the importance of analyzing reading as a skill from various sources and perspectives (Nafa, 2022; Tracey & Morrow, 2017). This enriches the idea of considering reading as an interconnected ability that considers comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. The purpose of this research is to implement a case study about the perceived effectiveness on reading comprehension by beginner students of Chinese as a Foreign Language in a private school in central Mexico. This study examines the data from comprehension and fluency assessment in reading Chinese, as well as information about opinions and attitudes towards the use of the extensive reading approach. The results from this study show the relevance of applying extensive reading to enhance reading skills related to word recognition and vocabulary as well as contextualizing fluency and comprehension in reading".
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