Higher education students’ perceptions about the utility of short videos to enhance pronunciation

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Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
"This research was conducted to know students’ perceptions about the use of videos to improve pronunciation in the Bachelor of English Language Teaching in the Faculty of Languages BUAP in Puebla, Mexico. The collected data was taken from one hundred and seven participants from the first semester to the tenth. Students who participated in this research were around sixteen to over 30 years old. A non-experimental quantitative cross sectional method was used in order to answer the two theses, which stated that: students consider that videos are helpful to enhance pronunciation. Also, students have improved their pronunciation with videos. The results indicated that students have a fruitful opinion regarding the use of videos to improve pronunciation. The research findings also showed that students have a better perspective about using comedian and science fiction videos, which raise their motivation to participate during the lessons. Therefore, it can be inferred that teachers must use videos in their lessons to have a positive outcome. For further research, other methods, context, and participants' level of English may be considered".
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