A linguistic analysis of the strategies and procedures used in the traslation of online advertisements: the case of Sony and Apple

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“The aim of this research is to analyze and discuss the strategies used in two advertisements in order to find out if the purpose of the message is reached in both cultures, so that the novice translators may consider them at the moment of translating advertisement texts. The research is basically oriented to any person who is interested or related to the field of translation, however, it is pretended to help those novice translators or students of this area who do not have experience in translating advertisements and may face many problems at the moment of performing this task. This research is specifically limited to the translation of two advertisements of the following companies: SONY and APPLE. Another text type could be mentioned but will not be analyzed. Moreover, the researchers do not pretend to deepen on the marketing field itself, however, some definitions of this area may be given in order to complement the understanding of this research”.
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